Monday, August 22, 2011

Bad Weekend for Airshows

This was an especially bad weekend for airshows, with three deaths in three separate accidents Saturday and Sunday.

First the RAF demonstration team, the Red Arrows, lost a plane and pilot while returning to base after completing a demonstration in England.  Flt. Lt. Jon Egging died in what appeared to be a low-level ejection after calling mayday and was found dead in a river.

Also on Saturday, right here in Kansas City, stunt pilot Bryan Jensen was killed when he crashed his plane in front of a crowd of thousands, including my brother, Dustin, and his family.

Then on Sunday, stuntman Todd Green fell 200 feet to his death while attempting to transfer from a biplane to a helicopter at an airshow near Detroit.  This accident was also at show center, right in front of a crowd of thousands.

What a terrible loss for these families and a difficult shock for all those who witnessed these events.

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Dustin said...

Just found out that Kyle was close friends with Todd Green. Hard to imagine enduring this much loss. These family and friends could definitely use a lot of prayer.