Monday, August 08, 2011

Random Thoughts 8/8/11

  • We had to put my cat, Kala, down a couple of weeks ago.  We had her for twelve years and, although she was an aloof and foul-tempered stinker, she liked me.  She always sat on the side of the tub while I showered and slept on my feet during the night; I was her human.  But she was sick and in pain for years and it was time for her to go.
  • Speaking of dead pets, I'm re-learning the words to the song "Old Shep."  If you don't know the song, it's about the passing of a beloved dog and usually can reduce the toughest tough guy to tears.  It's the Brian's Song of old, country ballads.  Every dad ought to know the words, just so you can make your kids weep giant sentimental teardrops on command.  Here's a tip, though: practice the song in the shower.  It sounds better and the water hides the tears.
  • We have the official draft order for our fantasy football conferences.  I'll email it out soon.
  • Now this guy has a small apartment.  78 square feet to be exact and, in New York City, the glorified walk-in closet with no bathroom or kitchen is still $750/month.
  • Okay, I just tried to sing "Old Shep" again.  Nope.  Still… can't… *sniff sniff* do it.
  • Once every two or three years I'll sing a few bars in a sermon.  You can hear it, if you dare (and your computer can play flash), in my Hosea sermon here.  This is the only sermon that I don't write new each time; I last preached a version of it two years ago.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jared, Hearing this again, I still had to weep all the way through! Thanks for sharing! Love you! Aunt Vicki

JenHaggerty said...

I didn't know about Kala.. I'm sorry..... Also listen to "Feed Jake." I still can't get thru that one....