Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Thoughts 8/24/11

  • Bible study at WFN is tonight.  The adult study is on the book of Jude.
  • I just told a friend to get fruit-flavored 1000mg Tums for his upset stomach.  He might laugh, but seriously, those things cure nausea, heartburn, baldness, and cancer.  They're magic!
  • A lot of people these days are doubting the existence of HellMaybe it just needs a re-branding.  This isn't for real, but it's devilishly clever.  It would be downright offensive if it wasn't tongue-in-cheek but the designer even made a mock-up of Hell's corporate lobby and lapel pins!
  • Basketball tonight at 8:30 at Wallula.  Be there, guys!
  • Cool.  The Facebook version of Words with Friends interacts seamlessly with my iPhone version.  Very slick.  Works just like it ought to.
  • So how bad will the Chiefs be this year?  Probably worse than we'd like.  It looks like KC over-achieved last year and the reward is a much tougher schedule this season.  I don't see a huge improvement and the Chiefs could be in for some real hurt… but maybe they'll get lucky again.  You never know what will happen any given Sunday.
  • I'm preaching on Zephaniah this week.  And Habakkuk the week after that.  Now let's see if putting that out there in advance increases sign-ups for nursery duty.
  • Be careful throwing around the term "neo-con."  It has a lot of different meanings, several of them negative.  Some people simply use the term to mean a Republican, pro-military hawk.  A subset of that group specifically intends that term to mean "pro-Israel" and a subset of that group means "Jew-lover" in the most snide, anti-Semitic way imaginable.  You may not be for the War on Terror but be careful that you're not siding with racist, genocidal anti-Semites. 

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