Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Random Thoughts 8/3/11

  • Fantasy Football Draft on Tuesday, August 30 at Dave & Busters in KCK.
  • Learn to pick locks for fun and profit!
  • I love my wife.
  • The negative thing about the debt limit budget crisis "solution" is that the cuts aren't happening anytime soon probably not at all, unless things are so critical that the issue stays red hot for years to come.  The positive thing is that it'll stay red hot for another year and be an albatross around President Obama's neck.  In other words, we didn't really solve anything but that failure will hurt the Democrats more than anyone else.
  • We are desperately trying to sell our house so we can move up the street a few miles.  It's such a good deal for us but our house must sell!
  • Blimps of War!
  • I'm thinking the 10-hour migraines are stress induced.  Or heat.  Or allergies.  Or sleeping awkwardly.  Or…
  • If you have an iPad and use Skype, there's now an app for that.  Stop using the iPhone version!  I'm not a Skype user myself, but I know several who are and have been waiting for a native iPad version.
  • And if you have an iPad, buy a fancy case from my friend Alisa.
  • VBS is going great!  We had 100 kids the first day and 113 the second day.  I'm teaching on Thursday.

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Alisa said...

hey! thanks for the plug! Hope your showing goes well :)