Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts 8/12/11

  • Did you see the Department of Innovation logo?  It had three gears, all touching in such a way that the gears would be unable to turn.  Awesome job there guys!  They've fixed it now, but what a perfect government logo that was for awhile.  [Thanks for the heads up, Dustin]
  • Conspiracy theorists have no room for dumb luck, coincidence, unintended consequences, or passive bystanders.  Everybody has an agenda, every action was planned, every outcome was orchestrated.  Paranoid minds feel compelled to give meaning to everything.  But sometimes bad stuff just happens.
  • Maybe spoilers don't spoil anything.  I always hate it when someone spoils the ending to a movie but I can't say that I actually enjoy it less when I watch it for myself.  Come to think of it some of my favorite movies are based on books I had already read.  And I sure seem to enjoy watching really good movies a second time.  Hmm, maybe spoilers aren't always so bad after all.
  • We are getting really, really close to having this house sold.  That's really cool.
  • We've seen three pretty decent movies this week: Source Code (2011), The Adjustment Bureau (2011), and Knight and Day (2010).  It helped that I had relatively low expectations of all three of them, then they each surprised us.  Knight and Day was kinda James Bond/Bourne-ish but funnier and more endearing, Source Code was smart and had a great resolution and The Adjustment Bureau was pretty good, even if it trailed off a bit at the end.

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