Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Thoughts 1/10/12

  • Here's a great short documentary (about 20 minutes) about a North Carolina barbershop where people play bluegrass music in the back room.  Absolutely fascinating… and the music is great too.  It's called "Pickin' and Trimmin.'"
  • The BCS is broken.  It's been broken.  It needs fixed.  Now.
  • I say start with an 8-team playoff system, in almost any format, but I'd settle for four, knowing that it'll eventually expand.
  • This is the funniest Doritos commercial I've seen in years.
  • We've had a very mild La NiƱa winter so far (no coat today!) but if it's going to get cold, it should at least have the common courtesy to snow.
  • iPhone touch screens do not like Puffs Plus tissues with lotion in them.  Just so you know…
  • The church camp has a board meeting tonight.  I hate driving to these things (2-3 hours round trip depending on where it is) but I love the camp and really enjoy seeing the other board members.

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