Saturday, January 07, 2012

Random Thoughts 1/7/12

  • Well, last year's calendar ran out… so I got a new one.  I guess that puts me one up on the Mayans.
  • Sweden recently recognized copy-and-paste (like on your computer) as an official religion.  Seriously.  There's a group there that's formed a church around the idea of the free-exchange of information being sacred.  So they hold all information sharing as something holy.  I wonder if they will freely share their own bank account information or if their religion only extends to other people's information, privacy, and copyrighted material?
  • We had a great prayer meeting for missions this morning.  Our church prays for our missionaries, in detail, every month.  We also give 20% off the top to missions, which for a small church is significant figure.
  • Facebook and other social media is listed as evidence in one-third of U.K. divorces and one-fifth of divorces here in the U.S.  Primarily, it seems to be the place that the lawyers dig up dirt on you, finding what you've done and where you've been, especially as reported by friends.  But I'm guessing some of the reasons behind the divorce in the first place might be found there as well.
  • It's being reported that the Colts owner will definitely draft Andrew Luck to be Peyton Manning's backup.  Is that an embarrassment of riches or too many eggs in one basket (and chefs in the kitchen)?
  • K-State slapped down what has been a very good Mizzou basketball team today.  Congrats, Wildcats!

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