Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Thoughts 1/31/12

  • Sorry for not blogging much recently.  It's been really busy…
  • The men's retreat at Mission Lake Christian Camp is this Friday and Saturday (6pm to Noon Saturday).  It's only $25 and Shannon is cooking!  Please let me know if you'll be there, ASAP.
  • I haven't watched Saturday Night Live in years but it's noteworthy that Kansas City native Jason Sudeikis is leaving the show after seven years.  Congrats.
  • My tolerance of Newt Gingrich is waning day by day.  I just don't trust him; he might be a good president but oozes a scumbag-vibe that I can't ignore; President Obama is going to look a thousand times more appealing than Newt.  I think he can articulate conservative principles better than anyone else but I don't believe that he actual is a conservative.  I think he's a political animal first and foremost… just like Romney telling Massachusetts voters whatever they wanted to hear.  Yuck.  Why can't more people get behind Santorum?
  • Coal-powered cars?  That's what everybody is calling green these days.  Read this brief article here.
  • Ok, so did you see the "We are Mizzou" music video?  Go ahead and watch it here, I'll wait.  Kind of weird, huh?  Strangely fixated on Kansas for a school that has supposedly moved on.  Anyway, check out this video response from KU which seems to nail the definition of satire exactly (the MU video description says "few can grasp satire" even though the video doesn't seem to be satirical).

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