Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Thoughts 1/12/12

  • Congrats to Bill Self on his 250th win at Kansas or about twenty-nine and a half wins per season over the last eight-plus years.  Overall, he’s 457-154 in 19 seasons at KU, Illinois, Tulsa and Oral Roberts.  [Thanks,]
  • 17º and blowing outside at noon.  Yup, there's the winter we've been missing. 
  • We planned to smoke some ribs today.  When we planned it, the temperature was about 60º.  That has a week ago…  My wife is going to be a frozen popsicle when I get home.
  • How serious is the organized crime, drug-cartel problem in Mexico?  47,515 people have died in the drug war there in just five years.
  • Had my blood pressure taken this morning and it was 110/70.  The nurse took it three times, looked at me and said, "must be because you're at home."  Actually, in spite of my weight and stress levels, I've almost always had pretty decent blood pressure, usually 120/80.

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