Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Thoughts 1/17/12

  • The Kansas-Baylor game last night was incredible!  This is supposedly a "down year" and yet KU absolutely handled a top-5 conference opponent.  That's some incredible coaching by Coach Self.  I also noted on Facebook that the real story of the evening was the new haircuts of formerly shaggy players Connor Teahan and Jeff Withey.  They both look like they're ready for job interviews now.
  • Speaking of job interviews and Jeff Withey, the 7-footer had probably his best game in a Kansas uniform against top talent and in front of almost two-dozen NBA scouts.  That has to help him.
  • Speaking further of job interviews, here's one of the best articles I've ever read about what is looked for in a job interview.  This is must read for job searchers (and HR types too).
  • Veteran talk radio host Mike Shanin is stepping down from his daily radio show "Shanin and Parks" on 980 KMBZ.  He'll become the business editor for the station and do political commentary while his role as co-host will go to KCTV investigative reporter Dana Wright.  I've always liked Shanin but the only thing I know about Wright is that she has four kids and is a huge Jayhawk fan.  That's a good start I suppose.
  • Will the show be called "Parks and Wright" or "Left and Wright"?  Scott Parks is the resident RINO on 980.
  • According to the latest Gallup poll, Americans self-identify as middle-right.  40% call themselves conservatives, 35% call themselves moderate, and only 21% call themselves liberal.  Also of note is that 76% of Independents are also middle-right.
  • Surely Rick Perry cannot possibly be as dim-witted as he appears.  I'd like to like Perry but I can't get over how frequently he seems unable to recall correct information.  There are times he seems be unaware that he's getting a word wrong as he parrots someone else's talking point.  It's embarrassing.  Add that to his uncanny resemblance to George W. Bush, in his mannerisms and accent, and I'm just not sure why Perry's even in the race.
  • Whenever Newt Gingrich bothers to think, act, or speak like a conservative, he's the best spokesman for conservatism since Ronald Reagan.  I'm thinking he's at 100% about 60% of the time.  It's too bad that his ego, his arrogance, and his anger seem to get in the way the rest of the time.

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