Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Thoughts 3/12/14

  • My little girl turns FIVE today!  Happy birthday, Anneliese.
  • It is interesting to hear the buzz about the injury to KU's Joel Imbiid that will have the 7-foot phenom on the bench through the Big-12 tourney and possibly beyond.  It's ridiculous how the conspiracy theorists and muckrakers are making mountains out of molehills.  Players like Imbiid are very valuable to KU, no one is going to knowingly risk his health for some nefarious purpose.  As valuable as Imbiid may be, Bill Self has no plausible motivation to lie or deceive, because his fate is not tied to one single player.  Bill Self and KU will still earn their millions, even if Imbiid doesn't play and KU loses early in the NCAA tourney.  They are big enough to survive it.
  • The Chiefs have seen five players leave the team in free agency, including two guards and tackle (Brandon Albert) and Dexter McCluster.  So far they have not signed a single player from another team.   According to they are not even listed as an interested party for any of the top-100 free agents.
  • I'm a long-time talk radio fanatic, going back to listening to Paul Harvey as a child.  And, though I still listen to Rush Limbaugh on occasion with a bit of sports radio sprinkled in, I've all but given up the many hours of news talk radio I used to listen to.  First of all, the quality is going downhill fast.  Not just the skill of the local on-air talent, but also the programming.  I'd like to listen to intelligent analysis of the day's news but instead I get moderate-to-liberal, loud but uninformed water-cooler chat.  Bleh.  The last two or three months, I've been listening to Christian talk radio and podcasts through the day and feel much better for it.
  • I started a discipleship program at church this year and I have thoroughly been enjoying it.  I picked three guys to work with me through the year, meeting weekly one-on-one, to study Christian disciplines (like prayer, fasting, study, worship, etc.).  Meeting with each of these guys has become the highlight of my week.  Thanks, guys.

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