Saturday, March 01, 2014

We Love Our Little Princess, But…

We all love Anneliese.  Her mother loves her.  Her father adores her.  Her four brothers cherish her.  But that sweet little princess can become a tyrant when she believes the whole world revolves around her desires.

It doesn't.

We don't even pretend that it does.

I can see why she's mistaken.  She's the only one in the family with her own room.  She's the only one (at four years old) who doesn't work or do school every day.  She is surrounded by pretty clothes and stuffed penguins; her life is pretty charmed.  But when she found out today that I took the four boys to lunch (for completing their school reading) and left her behind, she came unglued.  And we were completely unfazed by her supposed tragedy.

We love you, Anneliese.  You'll have your turn in the future.

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