Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sweet 16 (2014) Round 1

Yes, yes, I know.  The NCAA is calling this "round 2."  Whatever.  "Round 1" was play-in games.  This was the real round 1.

We got off to a great start, with most of our scores in the 120's (out of 136).  The key exception was Dustin, who had a 140.  How did he get 140 points?  He picked Tennessee, which already won a play-in game.  It's risky but, so far, the strategy has paid off in giving him an extra nine points on top of a near-perfect list of sixteen.  It's funny, too: I saw his lineup and thought it was more of a from-the-gut, sentimental list.  Shows what I know.

Duke was the biggest goat so far.  The idea is that every team on your list will win at least two games.  To have a team like Duke go out win-less is a tough blow.  Five of us had Duke and the Blue Devils were ranked as high as fourth (13 points per) on Matt's list.

Here are the numbers:

Note:  We've been counting play-in games since the NCAA started scheduling higher seeds in those games.  This year included a pair of 11's and a pair of 12's, as well as four 16's. 

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