Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Thoughts 3/27/14

  • I guess that college basketball continues tonight.  But without the Jayhawks, does it really?
  • My brother, Dustin, made a brief appearance in a recent KCK Chamber video.  Catch him at the 12-second mark.
  • Dick Morris has a short video here explaining the problems with Common Core curriculum in schools, with mention of Indiana's recent rejection of it.
  • KU Draft Watch: Day 4.  Wayne Selden has announced two days ago that he is staying at KU for another year.  This in spite of the fact that Selden was seen as a potential first round draft pick this year.  It was reported that Joel Embiid had decided to declare for the draft.  That has since been corrected, as the official position now is that he has not yet made a decision.  Andrew Wiggins hasn't made an announcement yet but he was never expected to come back for a second year.
  • I had someone tell me today that "each person needs to find the religion that's right for them."  Um… no.  If all religions were equally valid, then fine, pick whichever one suits you.  But world religions can't even agree on what's "real" or "good" so if some are true and some are false then you have a problem because it might suit you to believe one that has lied to you.  That lie might be, at best, useless and, at worst, destructive.  Now Jesus says that he is exclusively the only way to get to God (John 14:6).  So unless Jesus is lying, which makes his religion a bad one, then Jesus' way is the only way.  Other ways are false ways.  If you say other religions might be good for some people then you are saying that Jesus is a liar (and by extension that those who follow Jesus are bad people).  Jesus does NOT allow for other religions to also be true.  So, is Jesus a liar and is Christianity a bad religion?  I challenge you to see who Jesus is by reading the book of John in the Bible.

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