Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sweet 16 (2014) Round 3

And… the wheels are coming off.  At this point, after the Sweet Sixteen round, we are about one hundred points off the mark (a perfect score would be 372 at this point).  The main culprits are Duke, Kansas, and Wichita State, which we put way too much hope in this year.

Nobody had Dayton and UConn getting to the Sweet Sixteen, let alone the Elite Eight.

In theory your top-8 teams should still be active.  All six contestants have between four and six teams still alive, scattered across their lists.  Jared is the only one with six teams remaining but Bryan has his top four still alive, which no one else can say.

Jared has surged into the lead with 281 points and five of his top-8 teams still active.  But Kristi is only five points down and gains four points with every Florida win and two points with every Wisconsin win.  So a Florida-Wisconsin-UConn-Kentucky Final Four would be ideal for Mrs. Champ.  An all-Michigan final would hand it all Jared.

Here's the spreadsheet with way too much red all over it:

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