Thursday, November 04, 2010

Random Thoughts 11/04/10

  • I'm putting the finishing touches on the men's retreat for this weekend. 6pm Friday night til Noon Saturday! Be there (Mission Lake Christian Camp)!
  • More Americans have been murdered (due to drug cartel violence) in Mexico than in Iraq. Why isn't this in the news more?
  • The elections nation-wide went well, though here in KCK we still mindlessly voted for some Democrats at the local level. We kept all of those pro-abortion Kansas Supreme Court justices too. Nuts. There's no explaining why we don't know better.
  • Halloween candy followed by Thanksgiving followed by all the eating at Christmas time. It's no wonder everyone gains weight at the end of the year. Thank goodness I live with a personal trainer!
  • Will my computer wiring be fiber optic next year? I've seen lots of rumors about Light Peak technology in recent weeks, which might be three times faster than the newest USB (3.0). I'm not sure if I'm a big enough nerd to really care, but it's kind of interesting.
  • If you play games on your iPhone and use Apple's Game Center or Plus+ or Open Feint, my user name is Thumper44. I've been playing games like "We Rule," "Pocket Frogs," and "Angry Birds" for awhile now but can't find any friends out there on the networks. Add me!

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