Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Thoughts 11/27/10

  • I hope your Turkey Day went well.
  • I made a quick stop by the Legends yesterday, hoping to make an electronics purchase for the church while the sales were happening.  Not so much.  Friday's crowds were insane and when I finally got inside the store, none of the three advertised items were there.  Fortunately, I can check prices on my phone and nothing in the store was any better than the online prices I could get.  As long as you factor in the shipping costs and delay, online shopping rocks!
  • Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and Apple has not updated the lower-end MacBook laptop that I'm shopping for.  Apple hasn't released a new or updated product in December for years (if ever) so it looks like I'm looking at January for an update at the earliest.  My four and a half year old machine is high mileage and held together with proverbial duct tape and bailing wire, but I can make it last if it means a better deal down the road.
  • That was one rough year of KU football.  Ugh.  Long live KU basketball!
  • I'm super pleased with how well my grandmother is getting along with her new iPad.  It's an amazing little machine and completely adequate for all her basic needs, like email, web browsing, and "Words with Friends."  I'm still convinced that this is the direction I'll go eventually, probably in the next generation or two.
  • I had the kids "sound off" the other day to get a head count.  Brennan yells out "One!"; Tanner: "Two."; Eli mumbles "Three… *sigh*"; Graham: "Sixteen!  *giggle*"; and Anneliese chirps, "Dah-dah!"  Hmmm… One, two, three, sixteen, dah-dah – that'll work.
  • Here's seven useful tips for taking pictures on your iPhone.

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