Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Random Thoughts 11/9/10

  • Conan O'Brien beat Leno (and Letterman) last night with over three times the audience (3.3 million viewers ages 18-49 to Leno's 0.9 million).  Ouch.  I thought it was funny but also very typical late night comedy.  I hope TBS is savvy about how the business seems to be changing.
  • HBO's miniseries, The Pacific, is out on DVD now.  I'm so watching that as soon as I can get my hands on it.  I read the books; Sledge's With the Old Breed was fantastic.
  • So… at some point the NCAA has to clear KU's top-in-the-nation recruit Josh Selby to play or in effect he's been suspended without being guilty of anything.  The first real game is Friday and there's been no word yet…
  • That better not have been a missile launched off the coast of Los Angeles yesterday.  The military claims it doesn't know.  If that was a missile, they better know what is was, who launched it, and why.
  • Another living service member, a Marine this time, has been named as a likely Medal of Honor recipient: CPL Dakota Meyer.  Army SSG Sal Giunta will receive the medal next Tueday, the first living recipient since Vietnam.
  • Ok, I've seen all three of the British made-for-television movies/episodes, Sherlock.  Even though the story has been shifted from Victorian-era London to today, it might be my favorite film version of Sherlock Holmes ever.  The three episodes, beginning with "A Study in Pink," are available on PBS's website.

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