Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Thoughts 11/12/10

  • If you enjoyed the first three episodes of the BBC's "Sherlock," which aired on PBS here in the U.S., get comfortable. The second "season" (which hopefully has more than three episodes) doesn't even film until next summer and airs next fall.
  • KU and Nebraska play football tomorrow for the 116th meeting, running for 105 consecutive years. That streak ends this year because stupid Nebraska defected to the Big 10-ish. So much for tradition.
  • Cool website I hadn't heard of before: You put in the name or part number of a product and it searches the internet to tell you what a fair price (low, medium, and high) would be. This seems like a good idea for both those buying and selling. Check this out and bookmark it, Shannon!
  • Best throw pillows ever!
  • I'm not a guitar player but I thought this article was interesting, if you absolutely have to plug your guitar into your iPhone 4.
  • For the longest time, I would take Fridays as my day off each week. But without any deliberate decision on my part, I've been taking Mondays off work instead for the last few months. It just seems to work with our family's schedule. I know a lot of ministers who take Saturday off (or take multiple days), but Monday feels kind of weird to me.
  • First "real" KU basketball game tonight. Will Conner Teahan be redshirted (as he should be)? Will the NCAA allow Josh Selby to play this side of Christmas? Are the Morris Twins and maybe even Tyshawn Taylor ready for the NBA?

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Shannon said...

The news on Sherlock pretty much stinks like rotten eggs. I don't want to wait a stinkin' year! I guess I just need to be thankful that there will be more episodes...

Thanks for the bookmark tip. And as far as those pillows go, I could so do that.