Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Thoughts 11/16/10

  • I hold in my hands my grandmother's iPad.  Actually, it's still in the box.  I'll open it up and set it up for her tomorrow or Thursday, to be delivered next Monday, but it is purchased.  If you want to help with the costs ($540-ish including the sales tax), talk to my mom, Anita.  Dustin and I have already purchased the few accessories she'll need.
  • Staff Sergeant Sal Giunta received the Medal of Honor today, the first living recipient since Vietnam.  I'm probably reading way too much into it, but President Obama looked terribly uncomfortable at moments.  It's probably just my perception of it.  I'm sure, on the inside, he's stoked about military heroism, especially when the award is for a white guy from Iowa that killed Muslims in a third-world country.
  • I knew you were needing basketball stats that went waaaaaaay beyond points-per-game, so here you go.
  • Speaking of basketball, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!  Way to make a decent Valporaiso team look not so decent.  I really didn't have high expectations this year, but the team looks scary good, especially if Josh Selby were allowed to play.
  • I'll write a post soon on what apps we're putting on Grandma's iPad.  I'm thinking we'll keep it simple but I'm really excited for her.
  • We went to New Theatre Restaurant with Mike and Gina K. last week.  As usual the food was fantastic and the show, "Sylvia," was better than average – in fact, if you're a pet-lover you'll probably really like it.

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