Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Socialism, Goodbye Obama

It is better to determine the direction of this country by elections and legislation than by courts' decisions.  Therefore, we have a chance to do this better in November by putting conservatives in the Senate and the White House.  It's too bad Obama-Care didn't get struck down on a technicality today.  It's especially too bad that the swing-vote was the supposedly-conservative chief justice.  But this progressive victory might actually be bad news for President Obama.

Now November's election is about both the ailing economy and increasing big-government socialism.  We are now watching European countries going bankrupt because of big-government programs like Obama-care; this is an undeniably bad law that very likely will have bad consequences for our economy.  This decision today will light a fire under conservatives, who otherwise might have rested on their laurels saying, "my vote doesn't matter; the Supreme Court will stop Obama."  Now, only this election stands in the way of our country following Europe over a cliff.

So, are you registered to vote?  Check today.


Random Supreme Court decision thoughts:
  • If chief justice Roberts had voted the other way, the entire law would have been struck down, not just the mandate.
  • Great selection there with Chief Roberts, President Bush, great pick.  Why do Republicans keep nominating judges that vote like liberal activists?
  • Free market principles, buying across state-lines, would have worked much better to reduce the costs of health care.
  • Romney should bang this drum like it's going out of style.
  • People don't want health insurance.  They want health subsidization, i.e. they want to sign up and have someone else pay 80-100% of their over-inflated health costs for pre-existing conditions.  That's not insurance
  • How do people not look at socialist countries and cringe?  Lines, waiting, bureaucracy, non-doctors making decisions about whether you deserve to be allocated resources.
  • I wonder what country our rich people will fly to when it otherwise takes six months to get an MRI or your grandmother is given a painkiller instead of life-extending surgery.

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