Monday, June 04, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/4/12

  • I took my boys to VBS at a neighboring church today.  It's funny how things are so similar and so different at the same time from how we do vacation Bible school.  
  • Three of the incoming freshmen basketball players at Kansas moved into the dorms this weekend… the first weekend in June.  Why on earth are those kids already on campus for a sport that doesn't start until November?  Move-in day is June 3?
  • Ten Apple iPads are sold for every Samsung tablet sold.  iPads are dominating the tablet market, which speaks volumes for how well designed the iPad.  But better competition would probably drive the technology to improve faster.  I'm still waiting to see a tablet that can truly replace my laptop.
  • The next version of Nintendo's Wii video game console was unveiled yesterday.  We're Wii owners but I'm not sure if a $400 upgrade would be a good investment for our family.  Console gaming is in serious jeopardy of dying a slow and overpriced death.  A single Wii game costs $40.  A great iPad game costs $5 or less, usually 99¢, and I don't have to travel to a store to get it.  I've had a Nintendo console, of one sort or another, for most of the last thirty years, but I'm questioning whether I've already bought my last one.
  • I'll post the other church camp devotion I wrote Thursday morning.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are getting back a lot of great players who were hurt last year.  They maybe just might be kinda good this year… maybe.
  • It's crazy how often the church phone rings and it's not a legit call.  I've had a dozen (no kidding) fax machine calls today.  Who's faxing us?  Everyday?  I get telemarketers constantly and have asked them to put the church on their no call lists, not that that seems to help.  I've refused online yellow pages ads a hundred times and every office supplies salesman in the country has our number on speed dial, though we've never ordered through them.  We get pre-recorded robo-calls from politicians and all kinds of surveys and solicitations thinking that the church number is a residential number.  I bet not one call in twenty (or fifty?!) is from an actual person wanting to reach the church for spiritual reasons.
  • The best way to reach me is to call or text my cell, day or night.

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