Monday, June 04, 2012

Monday Devotion

I wrote a couple of devotions for church camp this year.  The following is the devotion the campers will be reading today at Sr. High camp.

"God is Greater Than our Hearts"
by Jared Altic & Chris Coker

How many times have your heard someone say, "trust your gut," "go with what makes you happy," or "follow your heart"? 

What terrible advice!!

Our hearts change all the time.  What we like and how we feel depends on our moods, our situation, and who's watching.  We often flip-flop on what we want, even daily!  We can be completely fickle and undependable.  How can we trust our gut?  When people base their decisions on how they feel, they jump in and out of relationships with no regard to commitment.  When they do what makes them happy, they quit early and flake out on their friends.  In an effort to find happiness, they leave a trail of hurt and offended people.  When we do these things, our heart, which was tugging at us to act selfishly in the first place, now turns against us and causes feelings of guilt and shame.

How can we put our hearts at ease?  How can we know what to do so that our hearts are not restlessly aching with the pain of bad decisions?

Read 1John 3:11-24

What should be the motive guiding our decisions in regard to other people?  Look at verse 16.

What two things are we commanded to do by God?  Look at verse 23.

Pray:  How have I acted selfishly and not out of love?  In what ways can I lay down my life for my brothers every day?

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