Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/12/12

  • The Crown Center Square fountain will be closed to children playing in the water.  Our kids have loved going there and splashing around.  But now it's not "safe" so the old tradition will be prohibited.
  • I'm surprised, but over the last thirty years, Americans views of creation haven't really changed.  In 1982, 44% of Americans believed God created humans with another 38% saying God guided evolution.  In 2012, the number are almost identical with 46% who believe God created man.
  • Go Oklahoma City Thunder!
  • Yeah, kittens have it rough.  Sleeping, biting each other, sleeping some more.
  • New KU basketball player, Perry Ellis, averaged almost 26 points per game and had a 4.0 grade point average.  He's already easy to like!  KU is going to have so many new faces this fall that we'll all need a media guide to know who's who.
  • Pacquiao was robbed.  This is why boxing has slipped into meaninglessness.
  • Apple had another one of their famous keynote addresses.  It lasted almost two hours but you can watch it in 90 seconds here.  All of our computers and i-devices are about to get a lot cooler.
  • Nice little things about Apple's announcements:  the iPad will finally get a native clock app, the iPad smart cover now comes with a back shell and is called the "smart case," turn-by-turn GPS directions for the iPhone, Siri for iPads, more emoji emoticons for you texters, dictation for desktops, Siri now knows sports and movies and more, laptops are more incredible than ever, maps brought to you by TomTom, and much more.
  • What Apple didn't announce yesterday: a new iPhone design, redesigned desktop macs, a new Apple TV, the purchase of facebook or Twitter or Google, a native weather app for iPad, or a new 17-inch laptop.

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