Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/18/12

  • My kids are have been away at church camp (without us!) and we don't know what to do with ourselves.  Brennan was gone last week and now Tanner and Eli are gone this week.  It is so weird with only three kids in the house.
  • Here are pics of 17 dogs that are having more fun than you.
  • How on earth does Adidas think that basketball shoes with prison-orange leg shackles attached is a good idea?  Everybody has been buzzing about how racist that seems, assuming these shoes are actual products and not some bizarre PR stunt.  Just wait until people find out that the "Adi" in Adidas is short for Adolf (true story).
  • Here's an interesting chart showing the color distribution of movie posters since 1914.  Overall, the trend shows that posters are darker and bluer than one hundred years ago when they were largely hand-drawn.  The chart was made from samples of 35,000 posters.
  • We watched the second season opener of TNT's sci-fi show "Falling Skies."  Wow, did it have that stilted B-movie campiness last season?  Ugh.
  • I think the ridiculous amount of golf our President has played (100 rounds while running the country) is going to haunt him in November.  That and the similarly crazy number of fundraisers at celebrity's houses.  I'm just surprised he isn't more readily labeled "elitist" and "out of touch."

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