Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/19/12

  • I could not feel more blessed by my church family.  Sometimes things are tough – and I definitely get down sometimes – but inevitably someone comes along and reminds me how this church loves my wife and kids and appreciates our ministry here.  Thank you.
  • Oh, look.  Microsoft made an iPad.  Remember, it's just like an iPad, not a tablet-shaped Zune.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • And don't get me wrong… I would love to see Microsoft or somebody produce a viable tablet computer that actually challenges Apple to push the iPad to even greater heights.  Competition is good and right now there isn't any.
  • When is it going to rain?  We keep getting forecasts for rain (about once every ten days), and we get a great front row seat to the neighboring towns getting rained on… but it's pretty dry here at home.
  • The church is beginning to look like… VBS!
  • In Germany you can now get a credit card decorated with the face of Karl Marx.  Seriously. German bank Sparkasse Chemnitz held an online competition and they picked the guy that invented communism to put on a MasterCard.  Wow.
  • Great little article by the clever Mark Steyn here about our celebrity president here.
  • For the life of me I can't keep track of all the new faces on KU's basketball team.  There are guys who didn't play much last year including two that were suspended and didn't play at all, two new walk-ons that are coaches' sons (Self and Manning), and about half dozen incoming freshmen on scholarship.  By my count, about three-quarters of the team will be new (or relatively new) faces, and that includes some guys that will see significant playing time.  If I can find an updated roster, I'll blog it and get these new faces sorted out.
  • I barely watch the NBA but I sure do wish Oklahoma City would beat Miami.  Go Thunder!  Please.
  • Hmm.  The BBC's "Sherlock" won best mini-series and best actor (Benedict Cumberbatch) from the Critic's Choice Television Awards.  I wish I'd seen the un-clipped version instead of the chopped down mess that PBS aired here in America.
  • Adidas announced today that they canceled the "shackle shoe."  I still think it was a PR stunt.

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Coach D. said...

It will rain VBS week.