Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Thoughts 6/26/12

  • VBS is going great this week. Good job, Chris!
  • I mowed our yard today (completely) for the first time since May.  And half of it wasn't necessary.  We need more rain.
  • I love that I can hand the weed-eater to my son and he can actually do a pretty good job and not complain about doing it. 
  • Speaking of Brennan and VBS… next year he'll be too old to attend our own program.  Wow.
  • Great video here (and funny too) on how to pronounce Uranus.  The whole time I was thinking: in Greek it would be something like oo-RON-ohs, so the very end of the video made me quite happy.
  • Has anyone noticed there's a full-on war going on in Syria?
  • Here's an awesome video comparing Microsoft's new tablet announcement to the iPad announcement a few years back.  I thought something seemed familiar…
  • The NBA draft is Thursday night.  Perhaps as many as a couple dozen players who left college early because they were told they would make millions will NOT get drafted.  About 50 underclassmen declared for the 60 draft spots that must be shared with seniors and foreign players and, based on last year's draft, only about 25-30 will get drafted.  But we'll see.  Maybe not everyone's shot at a free education will be ruined for nothing.
  • Has anyone read any of the Walt Longmire mysteries by Craig Johnson?

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