Saturday, May 26, 2007

Busy Weekend Wrap Up

  • We finished our garage sale with just enough money to get the home school curriculum (I hope it's still available!). Thanks to everyone who helped in some way or another.
  • We decided not to go with Dustin to the Arena Football game tonight. We're fairly worn out and our kids have been sick off and on all week long. That said, it's hard to get a baby sitter for four young boys even when they're doing well! And it's harder to afford it once we do find one.
  • We did take the boys to the Great American Barbecue last night. On the positive side, the weather was cool and the food was incredible! We spent most of the evening at our neighbor's private party enjoying some of the best food ever. The ribs were the first ribs I've ever had that I felt were actually worth the trouble. On the negative side, the carnival was horrible and horribly expensive, which kind of ruined the fun for the boys. They were so out of sorts (and a little sick still) that we didn't even go see the hot air balloons (except at a distance). Nevertheless, we'll definitely go back (for the food) in future years, so long as our neighbor invites us.
  • Our Memorial Day weekend winds down after church tomorrow. I'll probably even work Monday, since next Friday is our 11th Anniversary.

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