Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

Normally we don't do anything special on Memorial Day weekend (or Labor Day for that matter). But it looks like we'll be extra busy this year.

To start with, we're having a garage sale Thursday through Saturday, 8am to 3pm. All junk and worthless debris must go! We have an opportunity to buy the boys' home school curriculum at a fraction of the normal cost, so we have to raise a few hundred dollars ASAP. Shannon said she will not do a multi-family free for all but that she would accept items to be donated for the cause!

Friday evening after the garage sale we have the opportunity to go visit our neighbors at the Great American Barbecue, where they are competitors. And by "visit" I mean eat ourselves silly. It's fairly cheap and gives us a chance to spend time with our neighbors and other friends. The boys enjoyed the play area last year and we'll get to see the hot air balloons again.

Saturday evening after the garage sale we're planning to go to an Arena Football game. Kansas City is playing Los Angeles and Dustin is getting some free tickets. We're hoping to convince our wives that this can be "fun." And it will be!

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Shannon said...

Anyone available to babysit 4 precious little boys so I can go have "fun" at the arena football game?