Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Highly Rated Barbecue

Our neighbors, the barbecue team called "A House Divided," placed in 11th out of 212 contestants for their chicken at last weekend's Great American Barbecue. Congratulations! This is the second largest barbecue contest in the country (behind the American Royal – also held in KC), so I'd expect that the last place team still made pretty good food.

Of 212 teams, "A House Divided" placed:
11th – Chicken
14th – Dessert
38th – Beans
47th – Side Dish (overall)
49th – Veggies
52nd – Potatoes
82nd – Pork Ribs
112th – Brisket
170th (tied) – Pork

It's funny… I thought the pulled pork and the ribs were the best I'd ever had, while I didn't even try the chicken – oops! But alas, the Great American Barbecue didn't ask me to be an official contest judge. Maybe they should have.

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