Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This has been an especially bad winter and spring for families with young kids. We've been sick regularly for over six months. But before we automatically blame the church nursery, I thought I should post this information from Snopes.com:

Shared surfaces most favored by germs:
Household: Kitchen sponge, kitchen sink, toilet bowl, garbage can, refrigerator, bathroom doorknob.
Workplace: Phone receiver, desktop, keyboard, elevator button, toilet seat.
Outdoor/Public surfaces: Playground equipment, escalator handrail, shopping cart handle, picnic tables, portable toilet.

Ten things more germ-laden than the average household toilet:
• Phone receiver
• Desktop
• Computer keyboard/mouse
• Doorknob
• Escalator handrail
• Elevator button
• ATM buttons
• Shopping cart handles
• Kitchen sink
• Subway turnstile

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