Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abortion is Black Genocide

Is abortion part of 150 year agenda to kill blacks?

In a word… yes…

I'm sure that portions of the documentary Maafa 21 might seem alarmist or overstated; in fact, I think the issue is somewhat worse and much broader than just white-on-black racism.  I think the problem is an elitism that has frequently been anti-African but can be equally anti-Hispanic, anti-redneck, or anti-Jew.  It's not just racist, these nuts think most people are unnecessarily alive.  They applaud the death and "prevention" of "undesirable" people.

This thinking is rooted in Darwinian philosophy and finds its current zeal in environmentalism, where the climate or mere animals are favored over human life.  It's a self-loathing culture of death. 

But these issues, on which Maafa 21 doesn't focus, don't undo the reality that Planned Parenthood and the eugenics movement has been purposefully targeting the American black population for generations now.  It's a holocaust worse than the Nazis but no one wants to talk about it, killing about 1,800 black babies per day.  [See this website,]

You can watch Maafa 21 here, in multiple parts.  Abortion enters the story in part 7.  Like the preacher says at the end, every time you vote for a pro-choice politician you're pulling the trigger of a loaded gun.

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