Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Know Those People

We spotted my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ron behind the KU bench at the Colorado game. Brennan recognized them immediately without even knowing they were there. I asked how he knew that was Ron and Vicki and he said, "because Ron wears hats and Aunt Vicki has big hair."

Here's a screenshot of Ron and Vicki (in a red shirt) with their granddaughter, Catie (the brunette) and her boyfriend.


Becca said...

No way! This is priceless! I happen to know those people too. Thanks, Jared, for posting a picture for those of us who didn't get to enjoy the game (in person or on the TV). I'd say Dad scored some pretty sweet seats this time, eh?! I'm glad Dad's behaving himself in this shot - whew! Who knows what kind of screenshots you could have gotten of him back there behind the team if KU had lost! Thanks again for posting this! Too fun!!! Oh, and Brennan's comment cracked me up ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jared, couldn't believe you captured this picture and posted it even! We had a great time! How funny that Brennan pretty well summed us up. Love you and your precious family! Aunt Vicki