Friday, January 28, 2011

Reluctant Jayhawks?

There are only three high school basketball players, ranked in the top-60 recruits in the nation, who haven't yet committed to college basketball program.  All three are interested in becoming Jayhawks.  So why the wait?

The top two, DeAndre Daniels (ranked #9 in the nation) and Ben McLemore (#17), both seem to be leaning heavily toward attending Kansas.  But both have dragged their feet and delayed their decisions, Daniels contemplating Kentucky and McLemore looking at Missouri.  Is there something wrong with Kansas?  It seems suspicious.

KU does have guard Naadir Thorpe (ranked #91) and a walk-on, Christian Garrett, who just transferred to the team and will be eligible next fall as a freshman –– and just happens to be best friends with DeAndre Daniels.

Normally, you wouldn't concern yourself with these incoming freshmen, but now that we live in the age of one-and-done, which might remove our inconsistent Josh Selby, you have to keep an eye on the radar.

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