Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Random Thoughts 1/4/11

  • It's 2011 and my thoughts are still random.
  • I stand by my initial impression of Chiefs' coach Todd Haley.  He may end up being a great coach, but he's socially awkward, temperamental,  and a little "off."  Those words can describe people I know and like – hey, those words could describe me – but Haley is hands-down an odd bird.
  • The NFL needs to seed it's playoffs, regardless of division (and perhaps regardless of conference––really now, what's the difference between the AFC and the NFC?).  There's just no good reason why a team with a losing record is in the playoffs when two 10-6 teams are sitting at home.
  • And speaking of playoffs… college football, are you watching?  Because fewer and fewer people are watching your silly bowls.
  • Sheahon, surprisingly, is pronounced about how it's spelled, SHAY-un.  Sheahon Zenger is the new KU A.D.
  • Here's the 2010 film awards from the Kansas City Film Critics.
  • I have a $15 gift card for iTunes and don't know how to spend it.  There are a thousand games I could buy for 99¢ each, but I don't have time to play the games I already have.  I'll probably buy a book for iBooks, but nothing has captured my imagination yet.  Oh, what to do… the thing is burning a hole in my pocket!
  • I went 9-8 in my fantasy football league, in spite of being one of the top-scoring teams (3rd out of 30).  It's just that repeatedly scored the second most points in a week… but played the highest scoring team.  That unlucky turn of the schedule happened four times this year!  13-4 would sound a lot better than 9-8, but oh well.
  • Our home Bible study is going to talk about creation for several weeks and then have a game night.  Creation science is one of my favorite topics and I'm starting off with a encore presentation of my "Exploding Giraffe Heads" talk that I used to give at CIY conferences.

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