Monday, January 24, 2011

Recent Disappointments

  • J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, um… Steelers?  So much for the underdogs.  Can that role now be played by the powerful Packers?
  • Josh Selby.  The KU one-and-done freshman is shooting .361 overall and .235 from three-point range in Big 12 play.  Ugh.
  • Jay Cutler.  Way. To. Disappear.  And then he left the game with an injury.  But at least the Bears have a 2nd quarterback from the state of Colorado; go Caleb Hanie.
  • Our Icy, Frozen Doom.  We've canceled church twice and the local public schools have missed the better part of two weeks of classes, yet we still only have ankle deep snow on the ground.  Where's that snow-pocalypse we were promised?
  • Sports Agents, Draft experts, and Greed.  A record number of underclassmen are declaring for the NFL draft this year, including three quarterbacks.  A tiny fraction of these athletes will "make it."  The rest just gave up a free college education for an empty promise.  A lot of these kids don't even get drafted.  What a waste.
  • Weirdos named Jared.  Yeah, thanks.  I already was dealing with the Subway-Jared, now a notorious mass murderer too?  C'mon!

Potential Disappointment: Hillary.  The main reason I've never given the "birther" conspiracy theories two seconds of my time is that I had complete faith in the Clinton-machine to dig up every conceivable bit of dirt on any opponent.  Now the Hawaiian governor can't find the documents after looking for them.  What?!  I still believe the President is a natural-born citizen but if there's no paper-trail, why didn't Hillary use that to score some cheap points?  Hmmm…

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