Thursday, October 13, 2011

iOS 5 Upgrade Wows and Woes

I was ready to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 5 and iCloud yesterday afternoon…

…24-hours later, I'm still not completely there but what I do have is really cool.

  • Notifications.  This is how notifications should work.  I have a lot of apps and get a lot of text messages and this centralized list is absolutely awesome!  It's perfect!
  • Customized alert sounds.  Finally!  I've had custom alert tones sitting among my ringtones for over a year and now I can finally use them.  When you my mother-in-law leaves me a voice mail, I hear Yoda say, "Hmmm… message from the Dark Side there is."
  • iMessage.  Very slick.  Text messaging on the iPhone is even better now.

  • Installation.  It took me multiple attempts and a few hours to verify my update with Apple's servers.  I know there were 100 million of us trying to do that at the same time, but still, very frustrating.
  • Account management.  I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning trying to verify how my family can share the apps we've bought but have different iCloud accounts.  I think I have the answer but I still don't know because…
  • iCloud verification.  Like the installation, iCloud will NOT send me the verification email I need to get started.  Grrrr…

As soon as I'm fully up and running, I'll get Shannon's iPhone set up and we'll be in business.  I just wish the process had gone smoother…

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