Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Thoughts 10/25/11

  • Missouri appears to be all but gone from the Big 12.  It appears they'll be here for another year and start in the SEC in 2013/14.  What a truly stupid move for Mizzou.  Here's why: 1) It throws away over 100 years of tradition.  2) It really hurts the KC area.  3) Mizzou sports will struggle more, both in competition and recruiting.  4) Missouri has sided with the South before; how'd that work for ya?  5) Missouri just fits better as a Midwest school.  Oh well, the divorce is on and we're not changing her mind.  It's just a crying shame.
  • I've been having crazy bad migraines about once a week, including this morning.  I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow.  This one only lasted about two or three hours, compared to 8 or 10 hours most times.
  • And if Mizzou leaves, I'd rather Kansas NEVER schedule them again.  Ever.
  • How is the Big 12 improving?  West Virginia announces leaks today and announces tomorrow that they are joining the Big 12.  Also Notre Dame sounds like they might be affiliated with the Big 12, allowing non-revenue sports to play in our league.  Notre Dame's football would schedule a few non-conference football games with us.  Notre Dame football's official absence would open the door for BYU's football team to join the conference, which makes a lot of sense but is only speculation right now.
  • I hate to admit my Belgian comic book ignorance, but before the movie trailers I had no idea who "Tintin" was.  I'm still not sure I care…
  • Announced today: Kemper Arena is getting torn down and replaced with a small rodeo arena.
  • It looks like it'll be Sharia law in Libya.  So much for freedom and such.
  • Andrew Luck may be out of the question, but it sure is nice to the Chiefs smack the Raiders around!
  • Kansas City made the top-10 destinations to visit in the world.  Seriously.  I love KC, but I'm a little surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Jared, I can't believe you didn't know who "Tintin" is! My goodness, I've known him for years!!! His first name is "Rin" . . . .