Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Thoughts 10/13/11

  • Happy 236th Birthday, Navy.
  • Basketball officially begins tomorrow night.  For KU fans, it can't happen soon enough.
  • Speaking of Jayhawks, your computer needs this.
  • We started a new study last night at Wednesday Family Night.  It's a harmonized study of the birth narratives, specifically the first two chapters of Mathew and Luke and well as John chapter one.  This will take us through December, appropriately enough.
  • Here's a rant about the Wall Street protestors and the failure of the American Educational system.
  • I finally got iCloud working (mostly) between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 4.  Very cool.
  • I also finally got into my Game Center account, but it's under an old email, which complicates things…
  • I've got a wedding rehearsal tonight and a wedding tomorrow.  With another wedding to do in a few weeks.  Funny, this doesn't feel like wedding season.
  • My fantasy football team is 3-2.  I feel like my team is solid but they're just not putting up the points I need.

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