Thursday, October 06, 2011

Random Thoughts 10/6/11

  • What is wrong with you, Missouri?  The Big Ten didn't want you; they have "no interest."  The SEC doesn't want you right now and can't get a majority of presidents to accept you.  And now you're burning bridges with the Big 12?  If you stay with the Big 12, which is one of your best options, you're going to do it with double the egg on your face.  Why can't you stay put and play nice?  Do you have to throw a fit?
  • Welcome, Texas Christian University to the Big 12!!!  Hopefully you'll be on the schedule as soon as next fall!
  • Steve Jobs died yesterday at 56 years old.  I got the news on my iPhone.
  • The SEC isn't anymore "stable" than the Big 12 is now with its new developments.  But if Missouri goes, they'll make less money from revenue sharing, pay a $28 million penalty to the Big 12, lose a 104 year conference relationship, all for the privilege of gettin their heads beat in by the SEC football powerhouses.  Mizzou has to stay, for their own good.
  • We've been working like crazy to set up our new home.  We are so blessed.  We're finally getting set up.  The WiFi is working.  The television is working.  Most of our appliances are installed.  And the cardboard boxes are getter fewer and fewer…
  • Bill Self says that if Mizzou leaves the conference that Kansas won't schedule them in basketball.  And why should they?  Missouri's departure from the Big 12 would be a critical blow to the Kansas City area.  In fact, KC might suffer worse from it than the Big 12 would.
  • The British Army has come under scrutiny because they have more generals than tanks and three times more generals than Apache attack helicopters.  Oops.  An overabundance of 55-year old bureaucrats doesn't win many wars.

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