Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Random Thoughts 10/19/11

  • The best news I've heard today:  Keith Olbermann's new show on Al Gore's television network is down to a mere 46,000 viewers.  Olbermann's national numbers are less than what some cable affiliates get in mid-sized cities.  That's catastrophically bad!  And it's costing Al Gore $10 million per year.  Times are good.
  • I did not know you could buy stamps at QT.  Is there anything they can't do?
  • My little girl has a terrible habit of running into my arms yelling, "My Dadda!"
  • I had piranhas for about five years, but I didn't know that they bark at each other.  I guess I wasn't listening.
  • I've done some more reading on youth football.  As the father of four boys, I'm going to seriously consider keeping them away from contact sports until puberty.  The risks of brain injuries is a lot higher than you'd think.
  • The "99%" can't do math.  That's their problem on so many levels.  Go get a job, pay your bills, and shut your trap.  Stop playing Xbox, smoking pot, and complaining about how rough your life is after six-plus years of college.  Spoiled brats.
  • So was Rush Limbaugh right about Donovan McNabb being over-rated?
  • Who thinks Mizzou going to the SEC is a good idea?  Missouri fans.  Personally, I think they'll be cannon fodder there, which might be what the SEC schools are thinking too.  Regardless, if Mizzou leaves, Kansas City loses, unless…
  • …What if the loss of the Big 12 tournament and college football games in Arrowhead frees enough sports dollars to entice an NBA franchise to relocate to KC…  It's unlikely, but who knows.
  • Basketball tonight at Wallula.  8:15-ish.  Be there!

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