Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Rock

The best gifts are ones that have deep, sentimental value.

Yesterday I received a small, 1000 pound gift. Dad and Kennie delivered a small boulder to my house, thanks to our friend Pat B.

The rock is the same rock that sat out in front of my house growing up, and though its just a rock, it figures into lots of childhood memories for me. I've sat on that rock, jumped off it, bled on it, and cried on it. I stepped off that rock to climb on to my first 10-speed bicycle and once stood there to throw a cat at a blacksnake (but that's a different story). Everytime I came or went from my house growing up, I walked past that little boulder. Now it's sitting outside my front door in here in KCK.

It only took seconds for my boys to start clamoring all over it. They'll be leaping off of it for years to come, and once in a while I'll sit down on that little boulder and watch them play.

Thank you guys! Thanks to Pat, Kennie, and Dad and whomever else was involved.

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