Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like, Share the Air, Dude

You can't make up stuff like this!  I've learned two things from this video: there are people out there who are waaaaay out there, and venture capitalists are the most polite people in the world.

Actual comments from YouTube:

"My theory is that your head is filled with, like, 6% energy and, like, 94% air."
"love the lined paper. I want some air from ATLANTIS"
"This has to be fake... Please be satire!!!!"
"See, this is why you don't drop your baby on its head."
"I want my four minutes back."
"Jars…of air… God help us all."
"This girl obviously has an awesome sense of humor. Or maybe she's one of the dumbest people to have lived. I don't quite care enough to find out"
"I love that she misspelled her own name 18 seconds in."
"And this is why we hate the hippies. Their children are retarded."
"Certified moonbat. Absolutely nuttier than a squirrel turd. Out of her everloving mind. Has all 6 cans, but is missing the plastic thingy that holds it all together.  We're so hosed if this is our future as a society. She actually thought someone would put money up for this loony garbage?"

[Thanks, Dustin]

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