Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Thoughts 3/16/11

  • Happy Birthday Graham-a-lama-ding-dong!  You're five years old!  We love you, squirt!
  • Here's a list of Mac apps for musicians.  I've played around with Garage Band and we use Audacity at the church.
  • President Obama picked Kansas to win the NCAA tourney, for the second year in a row (a lot of good it did last year).  It's good to know that the leader of the free world is working hard on the important issues of the day.
  • I've had three of four radio streaming apps over the last few years and I've just found one that tops them all.  I used to use FlyCast until they broke their app with new "features."  Then I moved to iHeartRadio, which was nice but had a few bugs and didn't carry Kansas City stations (I ended up listening to 55KRC in Cincinnati).  But now I'm using TuneIn Radio and I love it.  They carry all of the AM and FM Kansas City stations and the app seems to have better search features, better live "What's playing" info, archived radio shows, and the ability to record live radio.  If you listen to talk radio, this app is awesome!  If you need a Clear Channel station, use iHeartRadio.
  • We've been trying to support "Chuck" and "The Event" on Monday nights, but it's getting harder and harder.  Both shows hit all-time rock-bottom lows in the ratings this week and, in our opinions (Shannon's and mine), they've been really weak in the writing/acting areas lately.  It's too bad, but it'll give us more time to read books when these shows get canceled.
  • I need your Sweet 16 picks by tomorrow morning!!!
  • So what's the over/under on more colleges re-aligning this summer?  Television contracts are being negotiated right now that might affect whether certain conferences add or subtract teams.  Hopefully, the Big 12-ish remains and adds a few teams.
  • I'm losing touch with my kids and their Wii.  When we first got our Wii I was playing all the time, but in the last two years I got an iPhone, starting watching classic movies, and reading more.  The Wii drew the short straw and now I hardly ever play.
  • I wouldn't try this with a new iPad 2 but apparently it makes a nice refrigerator magnet. 

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