Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Random Thoughts 3/1/11

  • The last World War 1 vet died a few days ago at the age of 110.  Here's a good little blurb about it from AmericanThinker.com.  We are nearing the centennial anniversary of World War 1; I encourage you to go to the National World War 1 Museam at Liberty Memorial, right here in KC.  It's very impressive and most people know very little about it.
  • Do you want to look at the income statement for the country?  It's only a couple of pie charts, but it's not pretty.
  • Boeing won the contract for the next Air Force aerial tanker (again).  The old KC-135's date back to the 1950's and are some of the oldest aircraft in the inventory.  Their replacement will be the KC-767 based on Boeing's 767 airliner, which are built in Washington and will be modified in Wichita.  The KC-767 is a smidge bigger and much more modern and adaptable, while still using the same basing (which a much bigger tanker couldn't use).  The KC-767 is also the most affordable tanker to operate, which is a rare thing thing these days.
  • Go K-State!  Way to beat Texas (and help Kansas into first place)!
  • We're having a special prayer meeting tomorrow night, in place of our normal Wednesday night classes. The times will stay the same and we'll have our normal meal during the 6 o'clock hour.
  • iPad 2 will likely be unveiled tomorrow!  This may not be a major redesign but rather a modest update, but still, just adding a camera for video conferencing would be awesome.
  • So Charlie Sheen's selfish antics almost cost 200 of his fellow cast and crew $2 million in wages for the episodes that got canceled.  Enter television writer/producer and Sheen-nemesis Chuck Lorre, who created the Sheen's show and wrote his funniest lines, to save the day.  The cast and crew will get paid and have leave to go work on all the new pilot shows that are about to start filming.  A lot of these folks may still land on their feet, which is more than can be said of Sheen.
  • From AppStorm: Here's 10 apps that save you money.


Tom said...


Are you really involving yourself in this? You're defending the writing of the content of a show that no one should be watching in the first place, while bagging on a person who may be near death due to an addiction that may end in his eternal damnation. Just my random thought on 3-1-2011. - Tom

Thumper said...


I've never watched "Two and a Half Men", not a single episode. I know Chuck Lorre from other shows over the last 20 years, and by reputation (as a writer, great; as a decent person, only so-so… kind of like Sheen himself). I'm not meaning to "bag" on him, I'm trying to be cast a critical eye toward the behavior a lot of people are amused at; his selfishness is hurting people.

Also note my comments from 2/28: "Poor Charlie Sheen. You have to be pretty empty inside to be trying that hard to fill it. These are likely his last days."


Tom said...

An interesting discussion. Take a look at this story:
One day in a town just north of Las Vegas a beautiful and successful prostitute snorts one too many lines of cocaine and decides to burn down the brothel. Her coworkers and friends, known as basically good people, are out of work. About half the townspeople are happy to see one less brothel in the area, the other half is mildly disappointed now that they will have to drive to the brothel in the next town for entertainment.
After a few weeks, the insurance company completes its investigation and pays the brothel pimp's claim. He is well liked in the town because of the residual business drawn to the town by the brothel and his generous and consistent contributions to the local United Way. He rebuilds in another location in town and the coworkers and friends of the prostitute are back to work.
Meanwhile, the prostitute has gone on parade through the talk show circuit. Rumors begin to emerge that the relationship between the brothel owner and the prostitute is on the mend.
Which person or group of persons is/are the protagonist(s) in this story?
- the drug dealer importing from the Mexican cartel?
- the prostitute?
- the coworkers and friends?
- the townspeople?
- the claims adjuster?
- the pimp?
- the talk show hosts?