Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Thoughts 3/31/11

  • Chad Pennington, the most accurate passer in NFL history and two-time NFL comeback player of the year, known best for sustaining major injuries in alternating years with playoff runs, tore his ACL playing pickup basketball.  If not for injuries, that guy might have been something really special.
  • Is this the change we were hoping for?  Gas prices have doubled since President Obama took office.  The trouble he'll have come re-election time is convincing us that he doesn't want gas prices to be high, which he's stated in the past would be an "green" incentive.
  • Is anybody really surprised that Obama sent in CIA operatives to Libya after promising no American ground troops?  It seemed like a unrealistic thing to promise to begin with and just goes further to undermine his credibility as commander-in-chief.  The president just can't help himself but to sound uncomfortable and out-of-his-league when taking military action.
  • Here's a breakdown of the draft needs for the Kansas City Chiefs.  And yes, as soon as the Jayhawks are out of the NCAA tourney, I turn to football.
  • KCK was selected out of 1,000 communities by Google to receive its first gigabit fiber optic network, i.e. super-fast internet.  It's about 100 faster than most "high-speed" internet and should go a long way toward keeping all of our data and computing needs "in the cloud."  A friend of mine says this will basically be the end of desktop computing as you know it, replacing expensive and powerful machines with cheap, simple interface devices that access the cloud.  Locals are just hoping it'll attract more business and jobs to the area and maybe help stream their Netflix videos a little faster.
  • I don't really use Chrome, so I don't have an opinion on the matter, but here's a case for leaving Chrome and using the new Firefox 4 as your web browser.  Personally, I use Safari for browsing and Firefox 4 for blogging.
  • What will Thomas Robinson decide about the NBA?  I hope he stays, especially if the twins leave.

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