Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet 16 (2011)

The NCAA tourney starts Thursday (play-in games don't shouldn't count) and people everywhere are filling out their brackets.

But instead of filling out a bracket, try my "Sweet 16" game we've been playing the last few years. Instead of predicting almost 70 games, we pick the best sixteen teams in the tournament and rank them best to worst. The best team will get 16 points for each win, the second team will get 15 points and so on until you get to the 16th team which gets one point per win. If you put them in the correct order, your maximum score would be 477 points.

Last year I finished fifth out of seven, but still enjoyed rooting for my higher ranked teams or against teams that someone else ranked higher than I did.

If you want to play along, just post your list of of sixteen, in order, in the comments section and I'll keep a running tally as we go along. The cutoff is Thursday morning.

Oh, and what does the winner get? As always, the satisfaction of a job well done.


Bryan Champ said...

1. Kansas
2. Ohio St
3. Duke
4. North Carolina
5. UConn
6. Pittsburgh
7. Purdue
8. BYU
9. Notre Dame
10. Syracuse
11. Florida
12. Kentucky
13. Louisville
14. Arizona
15. San Diego St.
16. Utah St.

Thumper said...

1. Kansas
2. Ohio St.
3. Duke
4. Pitt
5. SD State
6. Purdue
7. Syracuse
8. BYU
9. Texas
10. Kentucky
11. Wisconsin
12. Notre Dame
13. Louisville
14. UNC
15. UConn
16. Florida

Matt Strub said...

1. Kansas
2. Ohio State
3. Duke
4. Florida
5. Uconn
6. Pitt
7. UNC
8. Notre Dame
10. Purdue
11. Louisville
12. St. Johns
13. Kansas St.
14. Texas
15. Syracuse
16. Kentucky