Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet 16 (2011) Round 1

Round 1* is done and we had some upsets.  In fact, of the 29 teams the six of us picked to win at least two games, 8 of them were knocked out in the first game.

Bryan and I had the best opening round, with 131 and 132 points out of possible 136.  None of us survived unscathed; Dad and I only lost one team each (thanks for nothing, Louisville!) and Mike and Dustin lost three each.  All of us have our top several picks still in the running, although the top teams look surprisingly similar for six Kansas fans.

I was able to watch the end of several games on my iPhone's NCAA app.  Picking any game and watching the live stream on my phone is the best app moment I've had in months.

*I'm still calling this "round 1" of our Sweet 16 contest, even if the NCAA calls those play-in games round 1.

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I need a mulligan.