Saturday, March 12, 2011

Random Thoughts 3/12/11

  • Today is Anneliese's second birthday. Graham's fifth birthday is next Wednesday and their combined party is tomorrow.
  • Go Jayhawks, beat them Longhorns!
  • There are more videos of the earthquake and tsunami damage here and here. GPS data is saying that the main island of Japan moved 8 feet due to the earthquake. It appears that thousands may have died but we won't know for some time. Also this Japanese newscast about the nuclear reactors shows an explosion at the :25 second mark. Yikes! Pray for the Japanese people.
  • KU sophomore Thomas Robinson announced that he's definitely coming back to school next year. Freshman Josh Selby claims to not be sure. Really? What NBA team is going to give you a sniff after a year like this? Robinson has done much more on the court this year and he should definitely stay, as should the athletic but inconsistent junior Tyshawn Taylor. Of course the Morris twins are the ones with the NBA potential right now and conventional wisdom has them leaving Kansas to both be drafted in the first round. But it sure wouldn't hurt my feelings if they all stayed. We're already losing Tyrel Reed, Brady Morningstar, and Mario Little.
  • Interesting question: Why are top recruits not going to Kansas? Here's a good answer, along with some info on potential Kansas recruit Ben McLemore.
  • Are you wanting an iPad 2? You might have to wait a few weeks before you can just waltz into a store and pick one up. Just about everybody is sold out. Until then, bask in these how-to videos.
  • The NFL is now locked out. Hopefully the season won't be lost this fall but this isn't a good sign. We'll figure out what to do about Fantasy Football as August nears.

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