Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/11/11

  • For my Verizon friends: if you're switching over from the Android to the iPhone, here, this might help.
  • If you're not reading Lifehacker, by the way, then you're missing out.  Little tips like what to do when you've stripped a screw hole , how to get your car out of the snow, or how to wrap headphone cords, are incredibly helpful.  Not to mention all the tech and gadget tips… it's a daily read for me.
  • The people who make Valentine's Day commercials (that run incessantly on sports and news channels) have an interesting view on adult relationships.  First, women are easily-bribed children who will have sex with you if only you buy a token gift of pajamas or a teddy bear.  Second, the key to a woman's heart is teddy bears, pajamas, and flowers (not financial security, relationship security, and being treated like an adult).  Third, men are dumb enough to believe that this quid pro quo transaction is a slam dunk and will work for them, this Valentine's Day!  Guys, a thoughtful gift is always a nice idea, but c'mon!
  • None of the above is applicable to the hoodie-footie, which my flannel-clad-but-always-cold wife assures me is her most desired item on the planet right now.
  • So help me with this:  If the foreign dictator is pro-American (Egypt) then we want him out now, regardless.  But if the dictatorship is anti-American (Iran) then we sit on our hands and do nothing.  What am I not getting?  
  • So how long until there's a shooting war in Israel?
  • Birthday party for Graham and Anneliese on March 13.  The cute ones turn 5 and 2, respectively. 

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